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I've been trying to figured out things, i've been trying not to feel so lost but it's difficult. Honestly, is difficult to be who you have to be when the moment of "not knowing what's about to come" comes. I don't like transition periods, it stressed me out, makes me anxious.
This is the most stressing time in my life, it's like half of my heart and mind are not here, like half of me just don't belong here.
I don't fit here, not at all. That feeling has been always inside of me since i was a little girl so that's why i wanted so desperately to get out of here.
There was a time when i was angry, when i hated this place, this people, when the fact of being here were making me feel sick, i r e a l l y wanted to run away. Then i decided to let go cause' the feeling was too awful, too heavy and it was killing me inside. Life's more beautiful when you have your heart open so... i just gave myself the chance of learn how to love all this and that's why right now, when finally i'm gonna do what i've always wanted to do, i'm feeling happy but a little bit sad at the same time.

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