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Do what you can do
Say what you can say
And Fight if you may

That is the way champions start their quest

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Rango16 Nivel 75
hace 9 meses

Tuve que traducirlo para comprenderlo, pero valió la pena. me encantó y estoy en total acuerdo, cariño. Saludos.

Rango1 Nivel 0
hace 9 meses

Hi Andrea it's Michael from last night


A day has passed
Before your glassy eyes
With hands on the grass
and a kiss in your head

Tell me how can we see eachother again
Is it coincidence or fate the path where we collide


Air and Fire,
the elements of desire.
Freedom and passion collide,
trying to meet once again.

In the darkest rooms
on the hightest mountains, they confess
that a mystery beholds on their quest
So tell me why mysterys come whithout face,
and love comes whithout request.

Rango1 Nivel 0
hace 9 meses

This is very well written Andrea! Zuko and aang haha

Rango1 Nivel 0
hace 9 meses

Is there a different site or app we can use to talk?